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About PVB

Every band had its pandemic project. For The Normal Living, a New Jersey based rock band with 7 members spanning the northern part of the state, that project was Pleasant Valley Band. We couldn't get all 7 of TNL members together for many many months. But eventually, we realized we needed to form something new, as a way to bridge the gap. 


Meet the Pleasant Valley Band.


The Pleasant Valley Band is a musical project spun off of TNL. We are inspired by the same characters, themes, and elements of TNL albums past, present, & future. Think of Pleasant Valley Band as an off-shoot project that will stay in dialogue with TNL. PVB will supplement the stories that TNL loves to tell in our songwriting, and offer some new elements, too. 


The first two songs to be released are "Easter" and "Good as Gone." Produced by Chris Badami of Portrait Recording Studios, the PVB is inspired by, but distinct from, its TNL roots. Both songs are available now by clicking the buttons below. And make sure to stay connected as the PVB & TNL stories continue to unfold and intertwine.

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